Parkdale House with Heart

Sell a home. Support the Food Bank.

Alexandra Cote and The Fox Team believe in contributing to the development of our local community. That's why we've created The Parkdale House with Heart initiative, which sees the commission from the sale of a home donated to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

Last year, The Fox Team donated $25,358.50 to the Food Bank. We are starting our search for this year's Parkdale House with Heart where we will once again be donating the sales commission to our local Food Bank.

Are you looking to sell your home? Apply to be the next Parkdale House with Heart!

Parkdale Pride

Alexandra has been on the Parkdale Community Food Bank’s (PCFB) board of directors since 2018, a grassroots organization whose mission is to provide food for those in need, the hungry, and the impoverished. On average, the PCFB helps to feed up to 2,000 people each month – during the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers are closer to 3,000 each month. Knowing that Parkdale has been a safe refuge for Torontonians for many years, especially for newcomers to Canada, Alexandra is keenly aware of how gentrification is working to displace these residents. To help offset the impact that the real estate industry has on gentrification, Alexandra is leading her team to understand the heart of the issues most relevant to Parkdale residents, so that she can be an advocate for the community at the government level, and help them have their voices heard.​

In an industry that’s inherently market focused, the Fox Team values the importance of giving back to those in our community in significant, meaningful ways. Contributing to the communities we live and work in is at the heart of everything we do.